Back in 2015 when I was still starting out as a blogger, I was so confused on how to use WordPress. Since I like graphic design, I’m so excited to make my website look good and at the same time professional. I purchased Genesis Framework for around $60 and I found out that I have to purchase a theme separately which will cost me around $50 to $75. But since I’m still starting out, I just decided to design my own theme, since I also have a background with coding. And you know what? It took me several weeks to tweak my blog until I seek help with my boyfriend who is great in coding. I realized that my free time was spent in figuring things out with coding and stuff instead of writing a content for my blog.

I thought that if I had everything set up, I just have to work on with my content and that’s all. And so, I tried purchasing a Genesis child theme which I thought that time has all the features that I need for my blog and it went great. After a few months, I want to change something in my homepage to include a banner on top of my website. Again, I spent a few hours up to few days to figure it out. Genesis is really a good choice for those bloggers who has knowledge with coding.

Luckily, I was introduced to Divi by my favorite blogger and I was so stoked. At first I was so hesitant to purchase Divi since it has a monthly fee but since I was so amazed, I purchased the lifetime plan which is a one-time payment only. Since I used Divi, I never looked back. I was so happy I did the investment for my blog because what I really want is to save more money and have more time in creating content for my blog.

So here are the reasons why I switched from Genesis to Divi:

1. Time

I am one of those people who value time a lot. With Genesis, if I have something to change in my website, most of the time it requires coding. Though I can understand a bit of coding, it’s just that I don’t want the hassle of doing it for the sake of a simple change. The time I spent in figuring this out is so much that I could write one blog post. With Divi’s drag and drop functionality, I never had a hard time changing the look of my blog since I can just use their different modules depending on the elements I want to include in my website.


Change the color? No problem. change the alignment? Divi got you covered. Since I used Divi, I have more time to create the thing I love the most.

2. I don’t want to touch code as much as possible


I remember when I purchased a Genesis child theme which originally doesn’t have a banner on top. But after a few months of using the theme, I decided to place a banner on top of my homepage and place an email opt-in. So I searched for a tutorial on how to do it. And to my surprise, I have to modify the functions.php and the style.css files. But since I really want that banner-on-top peg that moment, I followed the tutorial and good thing I did it. Great! However, when I checked my blog on my mobile phone, it is not mobile responsive. Booo! So I modify the code again to make it look good on mobile.


Divi has a module if you want to add a banner or a slider or even a video anywhere on your website which is really cool. I just have to upload the image, set the animation if I want to have one, then I can also place a text and a button on top of the banner. And that’s it! Easier and faster approach to blogging success! And with Divi, everything is responsive on mobile.


3. Divi can do pretty much everything



In two years of using Divi, I can say that anyone regardless of their technical knowledge can create beautiful yet professional and effective website or blog using Divi. Why? Because their modules are pure gold. You don’t have to worry about installing other plugins or modifying the code, since Divi is making it easy for you to update and maintain your website or blog.


Now let me ask you, are you happy with your current WordPress theme?

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there, but no one WordPress theme is right for everyone. So it’s better if you experiment, do your research and see what’s the best for you.


I recommend Divi to those bloggers and online entrepreneurs who are not tech savvy, who don’t want to hire a developer for just a simple website change and for those who want a WordPress theme that’s flexible.


If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Just drop your questions in the comments section below. 



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